Maggie and Tara Sharing a laugh at Nate’s expense #Leverage flashback to The Zanzibar Market Place Job 


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@TheKariMatchett demonstrates for me, when someon tells me they have never seen LEVERAGE


Old West - Leverage AU

Nate was a Texas Ranger, one of the best.  Until the day his job got his son killed.  When Sam was kidnapped and held in exchange for a prisoner the government refused to negotiate.  Sam died, and Nate lost not just his son but his wife.  And his job, when he spent more time drunk than sober.

Now he runs a saloon.  Hardison is his bartender, glad for a job that pays him a decent wage despite his skin color, but frustrated when most people want simple drinks and not his elaborate concoctions.

Eliot fought in the war, and did things he doesn’t want to talk about or remember.  He’s looking for a quiet place just to be left alone.

Sophie swears she’s gone straight, not that Nate could arrest her anyway if she was still a con artist.  She’d bought the theatre in town and plans to fix it up.

Parker is a thief, and understands horses better than people.


leverage → everybody in every episode

the miracle job (1x04)

[Favorite Ships Parker & Hardison

“You have me. And I got you. I got you, girl.”



leverage → everybody every episode

the homecoming job (1x02)